Proverbs 23:7

As a man thinks in his is he….
For a very long time I tried my best to get healthy and lose weight. I jumped on the latest health craze or diet and full steam ahead..only for two weeks to go by and found myself giving up and feeling defeated. It was a very vicious cycle. Something had to give. With God’s help I started to understand that I was approaching the journey from the wrong mindset. Deep down I was afraid I wasn’t going to be successful at it. The fear of failure. I was trying to correct the symptoms(weight) before addressing the root of the problem(negative mindset/emotions).

Fear is a wrong mindset that if we allow it to control our lives..destruction will be the end result. It is God’s will for us to prosper and grow. Fear is meant to keep us in the same place. Never pushing past boundaries and climbing new heights. The love of God gives us the ability to stand against every fear and conquer mountains. I had to know it in my heart and speak to it. Victory!!!

It’s not about the weight. It’s about the negative mindset and emotions that can lead to destructive addictions. In my heart..I thought I was not strong enough to conquer food and sugar addiction. But it’s simply a lie!!.Because of God’s love..He calls me a conqueror..That with his help..I can overcome every obstacle that stands in my way. Will it be easy?..of course not but I can speak to the mountain and it will move..

This time around I went into the battle..knowing I have the victory…I take it one day at a time and became very intentional about eating healthful and working out. I set small goals and imposed self discipline to form good habits. Over time the weight fell off. No quick gimmicks.

At the end of the day..It really doesn’t matter what the problem is. Food/sugar addiction, alcohol, drugs, etc..The foundation of your belief system has to be rooted in God’s love. The battle is in the mind.

I am a living witness. This journey is teaching me that yes..adversity is inevitable. But life is worth fighting for!! If we get knocked down..It’s ok…Get up and fight!!No more making excuses. Let’s take accountability for how we think about ourselves and the decisions we make daily. You are what you eat…more are what you think!!!