About Me

Hello my name is Jennifer Santos and welcome to Conqueror Lifestyle. April 22, 2020 was the day my life changed forever and I have lost 90 pounds. I’ve battled weight issues for a very long time. Spending crazy amounts of money on weight loss products and services to lose some weight, only to gain it right back.

A vicious cycle using food and sugar to cope with stress, anxiety, and feelings of not being good enough. I had enough of it!! Making excuses and blaming my problems on other people. I wanted freedom so desperately…. I took accountability and changed my mind. 

 Foundation scripture for my journey is… Romans 8:37..No in all these things we are more than conquers through Him who loved us.

I began meditating on this scripture everyday. A conqueror is defined as someone who overcomes an adversary. This lifestyle is about overcoming negative mindsets that ultimately lead us down paths of destruction. I am victor. I am loved by God and despite all that I am going through He calls me a conqueror and health belongs to me. He wants me to flourish. To be free!!!His words changed my life. His love broke food and sugar addiction from over my life. I have freedom and He wants you to have freedom too!!..My mission is to inspire and motivate others to know that they too are loved by God and you are a victor!!.Go into the battle knowing that Victory belongs to you! Losing weight and being healthy first starts with the way you think.

Conquer your mind…Conquer your life…

ME vs ME: As of February 2021, I am down 90 pounds. This journey will last a lifetime. To God be all the glory!!! I am here to be an example that freedom is possible. We just have to believe. No matter the odds. No matter what it looks like. No matter what they say.!!It is for freedom that Christ sets us free..

Conquer your mind…Conquer your life..